Disability DVD
Get the information you need
for a Social Security Disability application.
Not just from your attorney.
Also from a physician who has been there.

Learn what the disability office is not likely to tell you.
Learn what your attorney is not likely to tell you.
Learn what your doctor is not likely to tell you.
But you have a better chance of getting your application approved if you know it.

Join a physician and a former disability examiner as he explains what the examination looks like to the doctor doing the examination. Learn how you should prepare for it. Medical facts that you need to know. What to do immediately after the physical exam, and why. How to arm yourself with useful material in case you need to appeal a rejection. The possibility of getting and paying for your own independent medical examination and why high-status credentials of an independent medical examiner may actually be something to avoid.

This DVD is not produced by or endorsed by the Social Security Administration or by any branch of any government. That's why it is clearly marked "Unauthorized" to prevent any confusion. But it is perfectly legal and does not contain any beat-the-system information.

It does, however, contain information on how to keep the system from beating you.

If you are looking for material published by the Social Security Administration or by the government generally, please refer to the appropriate official website.

But if you are looking for material on what to do when you are called in for a disability examination, don't stop with asking your attorney. Also learn the medical perspective. Learn the nitty-gritty details of physical examinations as they pertain to your disability. What to do if the examiner is rude. The importance of precision. How not to make the examiner rush through the process. More.

Price $14.95 plus shipping. 62 minutes. Sold only in the United States of America.


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